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I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist. Psychodynamic psychotherapy rests on the understanding that our early experiences influence ideas, thought patterns and behaviours that we carry with us through life. Over time some of these can become unhelpful. Understanding where they come from can be incredibly freeing.

Couple Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

I see couples together for counselling and psychotherapy to untangle and understand what is happening in the relationship. In a safe, non-judgemental space, as a couple you can learn more about each other and yourself, and think about what part you are each playing in your relationship dynamics. We think about your individual and shared pasts and presents, with a view to increasing mutual respect and understanding, both of which can help foster a more solid foundation for the future. 

Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

I also see individuals who would like help thinking about relationships. Perhaps you find yourself repeating patterns with partner choice or relationship style. You might have difficulties finding or sustaining a relationship, or want to think more about what you want. You may be experiencing problems in your current relationship, and not wish to undertake therapy with your partner. Together, we think about your past and present with a view to finding some clarity for you moving forwards.

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